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What If...

…What if you were connected to a bigger picture?

…you could re-calibrate and apply your passion?

…you refused to sit back, and watch others shape outcomes?

…you walked, talked, breathed purpose?

…you were a doer, not a wishful dreamer?

…you could perform with purpose?

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It's all within reach...

... here at VF. This is only the beginning.

We work with a sense of connection.To our work, to each other, and to our planet.

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We’re driven to achieve excellence.

We’re leading the transformation in our industry.

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Because we don’t believe good things happen by chance... … they happen because we make them happen!

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We combine the power of making a profit and making an impact. We make meaning. We make a difference.


For us, this isn't just a job.

It’s passion and effort that make a powerful experience.

Its performance meets purpose.

This is Performance Meets Purpose


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Here we go.