Unboxed Lifting the lid on our Guiding Principles

Our shared sense of respect and thoughtful collaboration inspires us to innovate, grow, and succeed together.

We live by a set of guiding principles every day, using them to make decisions big and small, from hiring and building teams to annual reviews, company gatherings, and meeting agendas.

Explore all the items through all five issues of Limit Less and keep each one close to your heart.

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Live With Integrity

Be authentic and do the right thing, always.

"We’ve seen examples of what happens at companies when employees are pressured to perform. The results are never positive. At VF, we... Act with integrity"

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Act Courageously

Think and act boldly.

“As an employee, it’s important that we report incidents to keep our associates safe and healthy. Speaking up and being bold is just who we are as a company... Act Courageously”

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Be Curious

Explore the world, learn, and evolve.

“Exploration is at the core of our company and a value that is encouraged by our brands. It’s through these explorations that we learn to... Be Curious

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Act With Empathy

Understand and respect others

“Having a culture of belonging at VF allows me to bring my authentic self to work every day and reinforces the benefits when we take the time to... Act with Empathy

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Persist and succeed together.

“As they say, no man is an island, and we’ve seen examples of what happens when VF associates rally to help others in crises. We... Persevere

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Don’t Hold Back...

Unleash your potential. Don’t subscribe to limitations. 

Speak up with confidence. You’re essential to reaching our next destination and beyond. 

We blur the line between...

A Career And A Calling.

Find your calling.

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